Week 7

Week 7, in this week we had a haterade game in Type 1. In this game, some of our classmates have given out some ideas to make my work more attractive. Here how my work used to look like, At the beginning of this project, I thought it would be easy to create words out of materials. However, it turned out to be difficult. The … Continue reading Week 7

Week 5

In week 5, after experimenting in week 4. We had a mini group-critique in class on Tuesday, September 26. In the critique, we were looking at each other’s physical ideas and to discuss what worked and what didn’t work, and if we had our groupmates any suggestions we had. After giving our suggestion, the professors gave thee own suggestions. Additionally, we talked about what made us interested in, and how … Continue reading Week 5

Week 3

In week three, we were given an assignment paper for project 2. In this paper, we have 20 typefaces on the left side of the paper that we should use for this project, 1 0 Arabic and 10 English. Additionally, below the list of typefaces that are to be used, there is a lite of 10 pairs of Arabic and 10 pairs of English.have three steps to do.Each … Continue reading Week 3